Let’s start with what are portables bathrooms in Adelaide. Portable bathrooms can easily be moved around. It is a mobile bathroom. Hence, the name portable has been given. It’s a quick sanitation service that does not require heavy materials to get ready. It is a quick mobile way to freshen up.

No issues if the event is in an auditorium. But what about bathroom/toilet urgency if it’s an open-air field event. Are you going to tell people to hold themselves down or drive them the nearest public toilet?


With a little investment, you are getting a sanitation/ restroom facility for your event attendees. The answer is, of course, Portables Bathroom in Adelaide. A host should be aware of the sanitation part too. At this point, the portable toilet is the best option to provide a convenient bathroom for your guests who will attend the event.

It doesn’t matter what kind of event you are arranging; you always need restroom and bathroom service and here is where Portables Bathroomcomes to play. Constructing a new bathroom may be a time-consuming task, and you cannot forget the cost. If it’s a rented property, then the additional hassle of taking permission and going through legal formalities is another tedious set of job.

Besides, it may happen that you do not need a washroom for that long. It may be a temporary affair. In that case, are you going to fret about it?

No! Again.

You are going to get a Portables Bathroom in Adelaide, preferably from McGregor Portables.

Getting in touch with McGregor Portables is never going to be a regretful decision. We ensure quality service. The materials used in the construction of portable toilet are of supreme quality, and it is going to stay firm to its foundation no matter how long you use it.

Make sure you talk about the requirements in advance so that we can deliver the best service possible. Haste is no solution to anything. However, we do have a distinction in catering to urgent order with no compromise on quality. Staying ahead of competitors, we are making portables bathroom in Adelaide within a reasonable price range and deliver it on time


Maximum use of portables bathroom in Adelaide is seen in mining sites, sports events, and stage shows. It takes very less time to get it placed where you want it. When you install it, you do not have to worry about complex legality of it as it is just a temporary infrastructure and can be removed once the job is done. To know portable bathroom hire cost get in touch with McGregor Portables. McGregor Portables is the answer not just for portable bathroom in Adelaide but also for Demountable Building in Adelaide.

There are a variety of options, as in facilities that can be added while ordering portables bathroom. Showers, urinals, hand troughs, , hand basins, hot water services, change rooms, additional internal walls, electric hand dryers, men’s and women’s toilets and more. It is interesting to go through all different kinds of portables bathroom in Adelaide that can be rented or bought.  With a little investment, you can increase peoples’ retention in your event.

A company that is dedicated to it consumers will have a wide variety of customization option. We offer custom made potable building, portable offices and, of course, portable toilets. We have got many options of the custom built toilet, changing rooms, shower block, gatehouse, change rooms, sales office, lunchrooms and many more.

Your need is our duty!

Why get a portables bathroom in Adelaide?

Before buying a product, consumers must be aware of what exactly they are paying for and how it’s going to add unity. Portables bathroom in Adelaide is needed for the following reasons:


Mobility is the first attribute that comes as a unique selling point for most of the demountable buildings in Australia. Portables bathroomis mobile. It can be taken from place to another. Give the address, and it is there!


Just because it is portable does not mean it lacks in strength. It is as good as the strong walls that we have in our homes. Portables bathroom in Adelaide can be used over a prolonged period. It does not damage easily and can withstand strong winds and harsh sunlight.

Less Maintenance

These portable toilets do not need much maintenance except cleaning.  You don’t have to spend much cash on keeping it functioning.


Not just mobile, these custom made toilets are also compact and not hefty. You can place it in a corner, and it won’t eat up the necessary space. Sleek, light and systematized, portables bathroom in Adelaide is a good deal to go for.

Have any query? Drop a mail to McGregor Portables. We try to get back to our clients as soon as possible.

Some probable uses of the bathroom in Adelaide


All kind of event needs a toilet facility. Portable toilets and bathrooms have a wide application in this field.

Relief Programs

Australia, being open to sea and wind is often the victim of a natural disaster. Often there are on site relief programs carried on to reduce the after effects. Here, portable toilets are of great use.


Having a big party? Is the guest list endless and you are worried about the toilet queue at home? Portables bathroom in Adelaide in the backyards is the answer to it. It can be well used in the outdoor event such as a garden party or a beach party. This will help your guest in not having to walk back in the hotel for restrooms. You don’t have to invest too much time to get a bathroom, because they have instant availability and you are free to choose from various options.  Some guest may stay over. The portable bathroom will be quite helpful.


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